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Guidelines on plagiarism, duplication and redundancy of publication

3.1. All submitted articles are checked for the illegal using of other works (plagiarism), duplication and redundancy of publication (including the translation from other languages).
3.2. If plagiarism, duplication or redundancy (including self-plagiarism) is found, the article is rejected without review as unacceptable.
3.3. The extended results represented at the conferences and seminars are not the cases of duplication or redundancy if those are published in journal by agreement with the editorial board and have the corresponding references.
3.4. The journal allows prior publication on preprint servers (excluding prior publication in other editions). Such article is not deemed having duplication or redundancy.
3.5. If a case of plagiarism or duplication comes to light after a paper is published in the Journal, the editor will use the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) flowcharts for removing of such article.