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Guidelines for authors

The principal form of publication is a paper, containing results of original experimental or theoretical investigations. Submitted manuscript should represent the new data that have not been published before. The Journal publishes papers containing 10-20 pages (including Tables and Figures)

Materials should be original papers (reporting research and development work) submitted only to this Journal, and have not been published previously.

Master's dissertation, doctoral dissertation and Materials supported by RFBR and other Foundations are selected on a priority basis.

The Paper should be submitted in accordance with the Rules for Authors and in electronic format (name of the file should contain surnames of the first two authors), for example Kuznetsov_Smirnov.com and 2 copies of printed texts, 1 copy of information about the authors and documents required

Papers prepared not in accordance with these rules or not relevant to the fields of the journal will not be accepted nor reviewed.

Rejected manuscripts will not be returned.

Papers are free to publish.
Authors do not have to pay for publication of articles

Any papers, brief reports or additional requests for information should be sent to the secretary of the Editorial staff Minakova I.G.(244, Molodogvardeyskaya str., building № 8, room 519, Samara)

Contact persons:
Rapoport E. Y. (editor-in-chief ) 337-07-00
Minakova I.G. (secretary) 337-03-42
E-mail: vest_teh@samgtu.ru