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Rapoport Edgar Yakovlevich

Doctor of Science (1984),
Professor (1986)

Concentration: 05.13.06 (Automation and control of technological processes and productions)
Date of birth: 27.09.1936
E-mail: rapoport@samgtu.ru
Main topics of scientific researches: Theory and techniques of control of systems with distributed parameters, methods of non-differential optimization, optimal control of objects of technological thermo-physics
Scientific biography: E.Ya. Rapoport is the founder and the scientific supervisor of well-recognized in Russia and abroad scientific school in the field of theory and techniques of control of systems with distributed parameters. He was a scientific supervisor of 6th Doctor of Science and 28 PhD students successfully defended their thesises.
E.Ya. Rapoport is the author of more than 370 scientific publications, author and co-author of 70 patents of USSR and 4 patents of RF. Based on the new fundamental results of realized scientific projects and investigations, E.Ya. Rapoport has published 7 monographs (total volume is 175 printed sheets) in the central publishing houses in Russian Federation and abroad, such as «Science», «High School», «Metallurgy», «CRC-Press» (USA) (1993-2012 years), and 40 scientific papers in leading academic scientific publishing houses of RF and top-rated journals (1978 – 2015), indexed in the citations bases Web of Science and Scopus.
E.Ya. Rapoport is the scientific supervisor of the number of R&D Projects resulted in high technical and economic efficiency, these projects have been implemented on order of Ministry of Education and Science of Russian Federation (1986-2013). 4 Projects, supervised by prof. Rapoport, have been supported by Russian Foundation of Basic Researches (2006-2015). E.Ya. Rapoport also was a leader of Project №2.1.2/4236 implemented in the frame of analytical departmental special-purpose program of Ministry of Education and Science of RF «Development of scientific potential of high school (2009-2011 years), State order №П231.
Rapoport Edgar Yakovlevich is an Honoured Worker of Science and Technology of RF (1994), a member of New York Academy of Science (1994), academician of Russian Academy of Nonlinear Science (1995), a member of Academy for telecommunication and informatics (1996), academician of American Biographical Institute (2010), Holder of Award of Volga Region Department of Russian Engineering Academy for the foundation of leading scientific and engineering school in the field of control of systems with distributed parameters (2003), Holder of Honoured Diploma of American Biographical Institute for the outstanding scientific achievements (2008), Holder of Award of Samara Region Governor for the outstanding results in solving technical problems (2014), Winner of Competition of Samara Department of RF Union of Journalists named «A Star of the Samara Region» in nomination «Scientist» (2004), Editor-in-chief of scientific Journal «Bulletin of Samara State Technical University. Series «Technical Sciences» (1993-2015).

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